Works on Sexuality


You’re Not the Boss of Me installation with harpsichord and soundtrack

At The Parade SATB Chorus with solos 4’30”

Contact live mural, nude model-performers, remixed contact mic sounds 35-40'

Fragments string quartet, percussion, narrator 8.5'

Time and the Villa guitar and cello 8'

The Sirens sound installation with LED spotlights and still life 13' (loop)

Mountains and Rivers four SATB choruses, handbells, and two trumpets 7'

Augurs of Spring video with soundtrack 8’

Under My Skin Interactive sound sculpture with MaxMSP controls and Wii Remote (time variable)

I Am in Love with the World SATB chorus, baritone soloist, and piano 20’

Tame Your Man piano, electronics, narrator(s) and rope bondage artist 27’

Four Lovers bassoon and percussion 10’