Choral Works


About Place SATB Chorus with movements 6’

At the Parade SATB Chorus with solos 4’30”

Þú/Fjöll (You/Mountains) SATB unaccompanied chorus; texts by Vilborg Dagbjartsdóttir & Jón Ur Vór 4' 

Go Ahead SATB unaccompanied chorus; texts by Alfred Starr Hamilton 6’

Mountains and Rivers four SATB choruses, handbells, and two trumpets 7'

I Am in Love with the World SATB chorus, baritone soloist, and piano 20’

Utan Hringsins SATB chorus, baritone and soprano soloists, and percussion 5'

Þytur í Vindi (The Rush of the Wind) SATB chorus 4’

The Time Has Come (rev. 2014) experimental vocal piece in several versions, with texts by Rumi 5’