SATB/SAATBB Chorus, unaccompanied, 6'

Premiered by the International Orange Chorale San Francisco, 2018.

'Go Ahead' is a song cycle with poems by Alfred Starr Hamilton. Somewhat recluse during his life, he lived simply in a small apartment with minimal belongings, periodically mailing in stacks of poems to publishers for consideration. I found his book in a shop one day and was hooked; so many of his poems have beautiful repetition, surrealistic images, and an ability to evoke nostalgia or melancholy with just a few simple words. 'Virginia Beach' and 'Free' bookend this cycle to set a dreamy, mysterious tone and send the listener off with hope and curiosity. 'Go Ahead' is a motion-filled setting, 'Fat Cinch' doesn't take itself too seriously, and 'For a Firefly' is a micro-poem: just the title and five words. 

Thanks to Virginia Cruickshank for permission to using A.S. Hamilton's words. The poems appear in the book 'A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind'.