Electronic/Multimedia Works


Contact live nude model-performers, mural, remixed contact mic sounds 35-40'

Soft Side of Still sound collage 4'

Portals soprano saxophone and electronic track 9'

The Sirens sound installation with LED spotlights and still life 13' (loop)

Revolutions mixed media with sound (5' loop)

Plantings solo violin with electronic track 3'

Ghost Light 10-channel immersive sound environment 26'

Music Box exhibit of seven collaborative sound sculpture works

South Broadway Ocean electronic track 60'

Corridor Voices four-channel sound installation 4'

Between Two Towers site-specific listening station and viewshed 2’

Augurs of Spring video with soundtrack 8’

Technobirds/Technowaves fixed media electronics 4’

The Dark Prophet (Edward Snowden’s Lament) string quintet, piano, and electronics 7’

And Yet It Moves film/chamber opera 16’

Under My Skin Interactive sound sculpture with MaxMSP controls and Wii Remote (time variable)

Jökulsárlón (Glacial Lagoon) harp, percussion, and fixed media electronics 10’

Tame Your Man piano, electronics, narrator(s) and rope bondage artist 27’

Pigeons fixed media electronics 4’

Chinook percussion quartet/video 7’

Quick Tour fixed media electronics 4’

On Death soundscape for 6-sided cube ‘soundbook’ 3’

Coaster Choir/Coaster Conductor vocal pieces for non-musicians/video 5’

Stalactite crocheted wire sculpture and sound installation (time variable)