About Place (2019)

SATB chorus with movements, 6’

Composed and directed by Nathan Hall for Mattress Factory Museum’s ‘Factory Installed 2019’ artist in residence program. Opened Sept 20, 2019, Pittsburgh, PA.

This work for choir creates site-specific music, and is a tribute to the Mattress Factory's late founder Barbara Luderowski and the creative spaces she has made possible. All the words in the piece are taken from interviews with Barbara. It is my first vocal work to explore singers moving in formations outdoors, in shapes no unlike a drum corps. The choir's "shapes" correspond to moments in the music and text, and are placed over the grid of the museum's parking lot, anchoring the music into a specific place and time. Singers come from Pittsburgh's Bach Choir and Carnegie Mellon's School of Music. Rehearsals and recording directed by Thomas Douglas.