Mountains and Rivers (2016)

four SATB choruses, handbells, two trumpets, staging, props 6'30"

A choral work celebrating Colorado, my largest-scale work to date, for the opening ceremony of the 2016 GALA Festival. Commissioned by GALA Choruses. 400+ singers from Colorado’s LGBT choruses, two trumpets, and handbell choir. Texts are a collage of Colorado writers on the majesty and diverse emotions elicited from Colorado’s landscape. Over the course of the work singers move, change colors of scarves, and launch streamers. Composed specifically for the site of the Denver Performing Art Center Galleria balconies. Conducted by the composer.

"What a powerful and moving experience it was to sing your dynamic and beautiful composition! Thank you for your brilliance and for sharing your talent with us! Music makes a difference in this troubled world. And really good music makes a big difference!" - GALA Chorus member