You’re Not the Boss of Me (2019)

harpsichord, bondage rope, soundtrack, leather sheet music, lasercut sheet music notation paddles, tuning fork, chair.

Composed and installed as an artist in residence at Mattress Factory Museum for “Factory Installed 2019”, opened Sept 26, 2019.

When you walk into this room, I wanted to evoke a feeling that you've just witnessed (or are witnessing) a very intimate experience. This work features a harpsichord suspended in bondage rope, a soundtrack for this instrument I composed and am playing, and other elements that blur the boundaries between classical music and kink. The soundtrack also includes the interior sounds of what the harpsichord might "hear" being bound.

The installation is about the tension between my being a classically-trained composer and queer artist, and where those facets of identity overlap. I use music to explore other fields like history, architecture, and sexuality, and usually the work is directed outward to learn about something else. It's in my most personal works that I look inward, when I have to be vulnerable to find empowerment, and overcome shame to reach for something beautiful.