VISBY (2018)

multimedia installation; motorized chime sculpture, sound installation, lasercut and etched plexiglass, video, vinyl. Sound loop approx 16 min.

Commissioned by Understudy Denver. 

Motorized chimes built by Incite Colorado.

Visby is an installation inspired by the VICC residency in Gotland, a small Swedish island in the Baltic Sea whose main town is still surrounded by a Medieval stone wall that shelters it from the world around. This installation conjures some of the spirit of the island, as if an archeologist found remnants of a strange musical civilization and tried to piece them together: a harpsichord in the cathedral, Viking picture stones, and the rugged coasts of centuries past. 

Special thanks to Annie Geimer and Understudy, Alex Andreeff for archeological assistance, and Rebekah Jaxon and Johan Stohne of VICC composer school for boat drumming samples. 

The exhibit is open and staffed (free admission) MWF 11-6 and Saturdays 11-4 until Aug 29.