Snapchat Chorus

any number of people/singers/non-musicians with smartphones 3-6’ (approx)

A work for any number of smartphone users, by Nathan Hall, composed on residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, 2018. 'Snapchat Chorus' came into existence from testing out experimental musical pieces for non-musicians, or people who are afraid to sing or perform. The phone acts as a shield for self-consciousness and the piece can be ‘choreographed’ in any number of performative ways. The graphic score prompts for cloud-like waves of sound somewhere between noises, notes, and choral singing, using the draft loop features of Snapchat or Instagram apps.

Performed by Tenth Intervention May 3, 2019 at Dimenna Center for Classical Music, NY featuring Hajnal Pivnick, Adam Tendler, and Erin Rogers.

Snapchat Chorus was also workshopped at UNC Greeley, CO, with Anne Lanzilotti’s contemporary ensemble students. Excerpts of their renditions below.