Reading the Landscape

Site-specific works made on residency at Skaftfell Art Center, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, October and November 2018.

Works explore the lives and places of East Iceland, primarily through graphic scores and performance videos.

The graphic score collection (various chamber ensembles and durations) is ‘Reading the Landscape’ and can be played in sections or whole, average performance is ~25'-30’, durations approximate.

The final piece in the graphic score collection is ‘Snapchat Chorus’, which evolved from having to create a work for a non-musician audience. Seeing how almost every Icelander has a smartphone, the piece creates overlapping loops of sound from Snapchat or Instagram apps, and blends them into a “chorus”.

Video works include: Dvergasteinn (telling secrets to the elves); Still Fjord (a looping video that looks like a painting); Bergmál (“reverberations”, a live performance inside an abandoned fish factory silo; Quints (a quasi-improvised performance on fifths with recorder and voice); and Velkominn Heim (a set of origami boats set out into the fjord while singing an old fisherman’s tune “Welcome Home” in Icelandic).

‘Reading the Landscape’ graphic scores were premiered by Tenth Intervention in New York, NY, May 2019.

‘150 Handkerchiefs’ is a set of 150 watercolors and sound loop (8’) of all the handkerchiefs that Petra of Stöðvarfjörður and her sister gave each other. It cooincides with phrases about my recently-passed grandmother.

‘Fosshús’ is a house-installation of graphic scores and sound works, as a culmination of time at the residency.

This residency was funded in part thanks to generous Kickstarter donors:

Adam Lawson Alan Fletcher Alessandra Alisha Kwon Alison Connolly Amelia Amy Bickerton Andrew Forrest Probst Lynes Andy Hackbarth Andy Smith Ann Andzel Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti Anthony & Itamar Becky Wareing Steele Bill Arning Brandon Peter Masterman Brian Colonna Bridget Duzzie Caitlin Rumery Carrie and Bradly Richards Cassandra Cox Catherine Charles Powell Chris Rose Chris Rule Cobus du Toit Conor Brown Corrina Price Crow Messier Cydney Payton Daniel Bruning David Bernabo David Dabbon David E. Farrell Don Collings Don Fodness Douglas Lynes Drew Austin Drew Butler Edward Corcoran Elizabeth Katherine Castor Elizabeth Rugg Eric Brink Erin Rollman Gabriel Lubell Glenn Einschlag Greg & Ginger Burrell Hajnal Pivnick Holly Wilkins Jack Kurutz Jack Parton Jacob Swanson Jaime Gullotti Janet M Jensen Jennifer Kallus Jes Olson Jessica Cicchino and Robert Oberreuter Jessica Jeanne Jim Cassaro John Drumheller Karl Kister and Mary Caulkins Kate Casolaro and Rudy Colberg Keith Sherwood Kelly Thompson Lauren Patterson Lauren Turek Lindsey Miller Lindsey O'Leary Liz Keller Liz Kellermeyer Liz Reid Lynnette Carlson Marc Hughes Mark Garry Mark Mangini Matthew Evancho Matthew LeBauer Matthew Rugg Michael Theodore Michelle Reilly Morgan Hofmann Nikki Rosato Olivia Moseley Patrick Burke Paula Rosen Peter Cain Rachel Ray Rex Robin Wood Rook Behr Ryan Connell Ryan Seward Sally Bozzuto Sarah Slater Sergio Preston Shannon Kelly Stacey Kay & Cav the Great Tali Gonzalez Tony de Mare Trillium Ensemble Tristan McKay WL

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Additionally, Reading the Landscape was supported by New Music USA, made possible by annual program support and/or endowment gifts from Helen F. Whitaker Fund & Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

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