Dark Interval (2009)

mezzo-soprano, bass-baritone, oboe, clar, bsn, fr horn, tbn, db bass, pno  13'

Commissioned by Vassar College Mahagonny Ensemble

Texts by Jane Tyson Clement, used with permission of the Bruderhof Foundation. 

Premiered 2009 Modfest, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Dark Interval" is a collection of three connected songs with texts from Bruderhof leader and poet Jane Tyson Clement. The Bruderhof community is a small religious group mainly in Upstate NY whose living focuses on simplicity, nature, and fine craftsmanship. Clement wrote on topics of love, nature, loss, and faith with a stunning simplicity and beauty. 

Jane Tyson Clement Cycle/Dark Interval Songs (2004-6)

baritone or mezzo-soprano and piano 8'

These songs inspired the larger chamber work "Dark Interval" and can be sung as single pieces or in a collection. Haunting and often lonely, they speak of man's place in the world and his relationship to nature.