photo: Rhona Byrne.

Coaster Choir/Coaster Conductor (2010)

video with graphic score, 2.5'

community participation video with graphic score, 3'

A collaboration with Irish artist Rhona Byrne on two works involving roller coasters. I assisted with creating a music score incorporating the sounds of rollercoasters, forming them into a piece for a ‘choir’ of roller coaster enthusiasts to sing. We also created Coaster Choir for non-live audiences to be able to perform the work themselves, as if I were conducting them ‘live via satellite’.

Exhibited first at Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art; later the Istanbul Biennale, Gracelands Festival in Ireland, and the Tampere Museum in Finland.

Running Stone Threshold (2012)

A short performative piece with Rhona Byrne while on a fellowship-residency to Dublin, Ireland. 

Rhona's fabric work makes a gate for visitors to pass through while my short vocal score emulates the sounds of a grain mill grinding.