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24 Preludes (2015)

solo piano 25'

..."Noteworthy pieces include "Capricorn", "Pisces" and "Cancer", which explore the acoustic properties of the piano to create a sonorous landscape through ostinato, dynamic contrast, clear design, and well-planned voicing. Of the more abstract preludes, "Libra", a brief piece employing ad libitum time brackets, quickly became a favorite."

-Nicole Stackhouse, review in American Music Teacher Magazine (Feb/Mar 2018)


Listen to an interview on Colorado Public Radio about the Preludes. 

A work with pianist Rose Lachman. One short movement for every key, major and minor. 12 movements correspond to the months of the calendar year as inspired by images in the 13th century manuscript Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry; the other alternating 12 correspond to the signs and qualities of the Zodiac (also depicted in the manuscript and in contemporary descriptions).

The order of the movements is flexible and can be played from movements 1-24, begun on the month in which it is being performed, or played as halves–12 consecutive months/12 zodiac signs.

Premiered in Iceland, September 2015.

You can purchase the sheet music for the preludes online at Abundant Silence publishing.