The CATWALK residency in Catskill, New York, is housed in the estate of the 19th-century Hudson River School painter (and premiere director of Harvard’s Museum) Charles Herbert Moore. While a resident artist at Catwalk, I created several small works that utilized the surrounding scenery, history of the area, and objects at hand. I later returned to exhibit a site-specific sound piece as well.

These works include:

Between Two Towers (2014)

A listening station with a sound piece designed for gazing at the viewshed.




Bell Trees (2012)

I crocheted several twenty-foot-long strands of yarn that were attached to the striking mechanism on bells, which were then suspended in tall trees. Visitors could walk by on the garden path and pull on the strings, ringing the bells and turning the trees into musical instruments. A short video shows how the bells functioned.

Forest Harmonium (2012)


A long-playing live performance at sunset, which was then videotaped and sped up to show the passing of time and fading of light in the woods. The music is played purposefully long and still when live so that when sped up, quirky melodies and chord progressions emerge.

Ruskin, Outdoors (2012)

A site-specific outdoor performance with table, found objects, and sound system. Lyrics created from quotes by the philosopher John Ruskin and texts from Charles Herbert Moore. I made the video documentation of the performance into something of a music video.

Ruskin, Outdoors from Nathan Hall on Vimeo.

Thomas Cole’s Head (2012)

A simple song for piano and voice inspired by the texts from a phrenology report on next-door neighbor (at the time of the mid-1800’s), painter Thomas Cole.