An immersive, haunting, multi-channel surround-sound environment to the entirety of Boettcher Concert Hall. Original installation occurred August 16-27, 2015. The piece is 25 minutes and ran on the hour, several times a day, plus featured live performances supplementing the installation.

The Denver Post calls it “an adventure” and that “Hall sets us up to actually listen, then makes a meaningful, memorable occasion out of it.”

Visitors enter the hall and lie down on the symphony stage to experience the piece at timed intervals. Special performances featured live musicians supplementing the piece. To listen to the complete stereo version or purchase a download, go to Bandcamp here. For more information on the performers: For press coverage, listen to an interview on Colorado Matters here or visit 5280 magazine online.

Ghost Light is commissioned and hosted by the Denver Theatre District with support from Denver Arts and Venues.